Membership & Fees

Our Firearm/NFA Transfer fees are as follows:

Standard Firearm (pistol/rifle) Transfer Fee: $20.00

NFA Item (SBR/Suppressor): $100.00

We Have very reasonable range fees:

For one person (one hour): $20.00

For LE/GVT/Military (one hour): $15.00

Price Per Target: $1.00

Eye Protection: $1.00

Ear Protection: $1.00

Pistol Rentals: $15.00 - Plus Ammunition

Machine Gun Rentals: $35.00 - Plus Ammunition

Our membership fees are:

Annual Single-Person: $200.00

Annual Family (immediate family - parents/kids 21 and under): $250.00

Why become a member?:

When you become a member with the Abilene Indoor Gun Range, you get 10:00am - 7:00pm, seven days a week access to the range without range fees!

Rent the range for your event:

One (1) to five (5) shooters: $150.00

Six (6) to ten (10) shooters: $250.00

Parties over ten (10) shooters, please contact us for information.